The Unknown God Of the Gang Religion Could Be Eazy E Could Be Tupac or Some Old Bum For all us White People care
Yo, Nigga When I Got Hit By A Car I Thought I saw Black Jesus!!!!!!!
by TbagGod December 12, 2008
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The truth. Jesus was a black man. And he still lives in southington and will kick your ass in counterstrike.
"You just got pwnd by Black Jesus"
Pope "Jesus was white"
Me "blasphemy, he was black"
by s(^.~)z January 25, 2006
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(n) - a level of awesomeness and humorous superiority , known by lots of people and , known for a special characteristic that you do most of the time. this is achieved through years of mental development and just being down right awesome.

- the words of choice are as followed:
lol / lmao / rofl
cool story bro / riveting tale chat / etc.

- must know how to dance
( break dancing , pop locking , etc. )

- types emoticons after every sentence

- is overly obnoxious to a point it can even be considered ''annoying'',but your still loved regardless.

- your swag is on point like a pencil , nuff' said.
Black Jesus you're so awesome

Hey you know that kid Black Jesus? I heard he can breakdance.

O Shit Black Jesus Your so fucking awesome.

Which someone could teach me how to be Black Jesus
by GrayNinja93 November 07, 2010
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a drink composed of 1 part vodka, 2 parts milk, 1 part half-n-half, and 2 parts Nesquik.
keep your rosary close, but keep your black jesus closer...
by dj-nasty June 03, 2005
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A lie black people wish was true, even though he was Arabic.
Black person: black Jesus is the truth.
Real jesus: I'm neither white or black.
by Shadowmog February 01, 2016
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