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Condition: When you eat, sleep, & drink black rifles, AR's(Armalite-Rifle), have an uncontrollable urge & can't stop buying AR's or AR related stuff.

Causes: People catch BRD from shooting black rifles, & may be at risk if their favorite smell is gunpowder or gun solvents/oils, 1 or more of your parents or gp's has BRD. People with BRD may use & abuse AR15's, AR10's, AR12's, AR22's & now AR47's. Additional calibers of black rifles may worsen your condition.

Cure: There is no cure for BRD, but people can live happy & healthy lives as long as it's properly treated.

Treatment: Treatments include handling, shooting, cleaning AR's. Studies have shown group therapy to be effective. Meet other people suffering from BRD at 3-gun & high power matches. Deer & other large & small game hunting may also be effective therapy.

Responsibilities: Think carefully before letting someone who's never shot a black rifle shoot one of yours. It's extremely likely they will catch BRD immediately. If you are responsible for someone's BRD you should be there for them, counsel them, help with treatment, take them shooting. BRD is unlikely to go dormant, even in someone who has only shot a black rifle once. Be supportive of each other. If you know someone with BRD, reach out & see if they want to go shooting, hunting, or whatever. The disease is stronger when you're alone, get & stay around other people with BRD, your BRD & it's symptoms may lessen over time, or it may get worse, lol.

Good luck!
I caught black rifle disease after building my first AR, a BCM 14.5 SOCOM Freefloated under a KMR Alpha 13" Keymod, with a pinned and welded Surefire SFMB-556 Muzzle Brake. I'd already bought two Colts, an M4orgery, and an A4. But that BCM build did me in. I'm afraid I'm stage 4. My BRD is now so bad, I carry my BCM with me around the house when no-one is home.
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by BlackRifleDiseaseExplainer November 18, 2016
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The disease commonly developed after purchasing or building an ar15. Once you have one, you hafta have another. Common side effects are empty bank accounts, loss of jobs, and divorce
Jim's wife kicked him out and filed for divorce after he bought his 3rd black rifle after suffering from black rifle disease
by AR builder November 04, 2013
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