A theatre techie's term for a time when the lights all go down, including worklights. Usually an opportunity to grope someone else backstage, because most techies are whores and are proud of that fact.
The script says there should be a blackout there. Is the lights technician asleep?
by TheMasterTechie October 11, 2006
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When a male is taken advantage of by a black girl while he is under the influence of alcohol, and has no awareness of what is happening.
Bob: "Yo son I think Felicia sucked my dick when I was drunk... right before I passed out."

Joe: "Damn so it was a BLACKOUT before you blacked out hahahaha."
by Sadamzeh January 06, 2010
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When a family of African Americans moves into a town and breeds to wipe out or severely alter the White population.
Oh shit Wanaque is gonna suffer a major Black-Out.
by scotty_dont_kno October 20, 2010
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The act of suddenly reverting your vocabulary and accent to a borderline racist stereotype, often used as an excuse.
"Yo homedawg, rollin' like an OG or sometink?"
"What? Did you just black out there?"
by Reece Phoenix January 25, 2015
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When a person gets a tourettes-like tendancy to say "Dayum!", "Shi-it!" and "Dat is WACK!" out of the blue, which is coupled with a craving for fried chicken, watermelon, or malt liquor. While experiencing a black out, all or most sentences will end with "motherfucker!"

In some extreme cases, the suffering party's skin may become significantly darker during this time.

Jim: "Oh man, I think I'm about to black out..."
Bill: "What makes you say that?"
Jim: "I just got the biggest cravin' for some watermelon, motherfucker!"

Fred: "So Bob, did you catch the game las- SHI-IT! I could definitely get me some fried chicken right now, motherfucker, mm-mmm!"
Bob: "Whoa there Fred, you just blacked out!"
by Mafii October 22, 2006
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What happens in Cleveland when you fall asleep at the control panel of a power plant.
"This is what caused the massive blackout in New York, Cleveland, Toronto, and Detroit amongst other places."
by James Westerfield February 15, 2004
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