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Black Out Hungry: To be so hungry, you're not responsible (or remember) things you say or do. To be past the point of being "hangry". You have no concept of time and become unaware of people,places and things around you until you get some food.
You: Dude, do you want to hangout and get some food.

Friend: you called me 15 minutes ago asking the same thing and when I said I was still at work you screamed at me.
You: sorry man I'm black out hungry!

Friend: that explains a lot and I feel for you, get some damn food!
by Ohioidiot April 26, 2016
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Your so hungry that, you will consume anything that looks good in the fridge and or pantry, or both
Andrew was so hungry he ate m&ms, fried chicken, slice of bologna, piece of cheese and a Hershey’s bar. I think he was blackout hungry.
by Hooniganandrew June 23, 2018
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