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girls who just pretend to be into the black metal scene just because they think the guys are gorgeous
Hi my name is Candy and i love your corpsepaint!!!!
Hi my name is Grimm and i think your a BLACK METAL WHORE!!!!!!!!!!
by GRIMMHATE666 February 11, 2009
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A chick who claims to be a fan of black metal as a means of getting attention from men in the black metal scene. The black metal whore is obsessed with her tits, and takes numerous pictures exposing her cleavage and posts them on her facebook/myspace. She is usually fat, ugly, and a poser who is willing to suck a long haired man's dick for the sake of being considered "metal." She doesn't get along with other girls for the most part. This is partly because shes a fat whore, and also because she can't stand feeling as though her attention is at risk. Favorite bands usually consist of Burzum, Darkthrone, and Mayhem. The occasional black metal whore will like Cradle of Filth if she hasn't discovered that they are shit. But of course, how could she know? It's not like she listens to black metal anyway!
Black Metal Whore: OMG Varg Vikernes is so cute! His story converted me to Satanism.
Black Metal Dude: You do realize that Varg wasn't a Satanist, right?
by nisakuv June 12, 2011
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Its a girl, who wears black metal shirts at shows, cuts up the shirt to make it look like a "girlie top", and doesn't even know who the band is. NEVER shows her support at shows cause she NEVER buys merchandise at the booths. Spends most of her time walking around the club getting drunk and trying to get guys to buy her more drinks,instead of watching the bands play.When she's around other females, she begins to hate, so she gets louder to draw as much attention to herself. She then pulls out her camera and begins taking numerous pictures of bands shes never heard of. She does this,just to load pictures of herself on her myspace,so she can seem as though she is part of the scene. She bangs her head and screams to a band who she doen't know who is playing.This is more of a club life,dress to impress, weekend warrior. NOT a women of metal.
black metal whore: "I love this band, I saw them years ago".
Goat: "Really, this is actually their first appearance, they don't play live".
black metal whore: "oh, umm, Im getting them confused with this other band I saw", "Are you in a band?"

Goat: What a dingbat (He thinks, and walks away)
by frozenthrone001 November 11, 2010
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some slutty girl who gets into black metal or the black metal "scene" just because she likes the dudes in the band.

bmslore666: lol i like your band. your long hair is sexy
grimfuck: you seem like yet another black metal whore
by silencer999 September 02, 2005
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