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Something stolen from the RANGERS and given to all the whinny bitches that only have name and service tapes on their ultra starched BDUs and wear'em all 8up looking it makes me sick "RANGERS LEAD THE WAY............ALL THE WAY!!!"
REMF1" YAY now I dont has to be high speed to wear a Black beret"

REMF2" I know I piss myself when I think about have to go to one of those schools too"
by SSG_STRYDER96V3S March 18, 2006
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The new issued Army Headwear which will boost the morale of the army! The critics think it steels ranger tradiditon. I think the army needs a headgear change and Voila, the Black Berets!
Ballards of the Black Berets.
by Kahuna Hu May 01, 2003
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Black beret is a head gear often worn by paranilitaries
the insurgents were wearing Black berets
by zann3 July 19, 2020
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