1) Somethin awesome or "tight"
2) Annoying fucken females runnin there mouths.
1) Damn that car is bitchin.
2) Damn slut quit your bitchin.
by Bone August 14, 2003
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Acting in order to make fun of somebody by pissing them off.(immature ones will do)

Something uncomprehended little girls do
by M. Moore June 01, 2005
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a word used by Eleven (Stranger Things) on her look. She was dressed up in dark clothes and had black eyeshadow smudges and slicked back hair. It could mean that you look punk/grunge etc. or a type of vibe you feel
"damn you look bitchin'"
"i'm feelin bitchin' today"
via giphy
by stangerthAaang November 03, 2017
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