Well, bitch has many meanings, depending on the scenario. There's female dog, a somewhat degrading way to refer to a girl or woman, whether it's a close friend or romantic partner, and other definitions.

In this case, bitch could mean someone at school who portrays the characteristics of a good-natured being toward you. You want to develop a friendship with this person. All of a sudden, as you're walking down the hallway, being the average student you are, you find yourself surrounded by other students... ridiculing you. Hm... I wonder how that happened? It's not like you did anything wrong.

Beware, kid. Whenever a bitch thinks you're not paying any attention, or... maybe they know you're paying attention. Still, that doesn't change their mindset. They will do anything within their power to make you the laughing stock, such as gossiping and spreading believable rumours about you.
So now, it's up to you to get your well-deserved revenge on that bitch!!! Don't worry, I'll help. Let me steal 5 toilet paper rolls from the school bathrooms, and you and me will sneak out of class and TP their front yard. Sounds good, right? Or do you have a better idea?
by S-H-A-D-O-W September 25, 2018
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Originally used to describe women;
now a days literally can be said to any1 ..anytime ..anyplace for any reason
"wutup bitches!"
"u guys r bitches!"
by kings daugher January 08, 2005
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Suzy just like to sit around and bitch about the high price of crack
by Koko April 11, 2003
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An exceedingly whipped guy who does/wears/thinks/says whatever his girlfriend tells him to.
"He is *so* her bitch."
"How can you tell?"
"He's wearing plaid."
by Anon. May 08, 2003
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