A noun that may be applied to describe any male over the age of ten with oversized mammary glands, or a word to express one's anger, frustration, or sadness at an unfortunate event.
Wow, that dude has some major bitch-tits goin' on.

Oh, bitch-tits, I forgot my homework!
by arwen23m February 07, 2007
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A word describing someone who "Nags" a lot, usually for no apparent reason, made popular by youtuber "Mrnotthatfamous" a.k.a Sinc.
Sup bitch-tit, are you done telling me whats wrong in this world that you cannot change?
by Bitch Tit August 24, 2014
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1) the result of a male eating waaaay too much food and resulting in having boobs like a girl's

2) a funny word
1) that kid has bitchtits and he is real fat

2) bitchtits ha ha ha
by irishmoron May 29, 2005
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The official street name for the hallucinogenic drug 2cb
I tripped my nuts off last night on that bitch tits.

Hey man you want to bump this bitch tits?

Damn this bitch tits is burning the shit out of my nose!

This bitch tits has me tripping!
by Austin Caldwell February 05, 2010
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