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A person that`s a total jerk, and knows it!
Our 5 year old said this to his 9 yr brother when he asked him to pass him the remote and was told, "no, you get it!" So the 5 yr old said, "Bitch hole!" Couldn`t believe my ears!
by sillygurl13 April 06, 2012
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An exceedingly vulgar term to be used ONLY in the most upsetting of situations to reference a woman's cunt or vagina such as where a man has had sexual intercourse with a woman only to end up with 5 different diseases and a testicular blood clot. This individual - realizing that he would have been better off fucking a band-saw - gets so upset that any reference to her genitalia is wrought with expletives and this term.
Scott: "Hey guy, you don't look so good."
Max: "No shit Trebek! I ding that chick Bevvy last week and now I am on 8 different penicillins and need my scrote drained every 24 fucking hours. She had the most diseased bitch hole I've ever stuck!!!"
Scott: "Bummer."
by psiscott April 09, 2006
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