Some stupid ass porch monkey, inner city, dark chocolate jiggaboo,who is fried chicken feasting , tub of watermelon eating, enormous penis cum blasting, swamp ape raping, crack sniffing and most importantly blames all their monkey shit on the white man. They are well known for their lazy work in the fields, and listening to Hip-hop and rap. they are most known for singing "wade in the water" when lazy.(Which is all the time.) They are easily enticed and swayed by the videos shown on the Black Entertainment Television (which is shortened to "BET" because most Bitch-ass Niggahs can't read.) Their leaders are Barack Obama and Al Sharpton.
Tyrone-"Dat Bitch-ass Niggah stole my jordans"
Raekwon-"Bitch-ass Niggah stole my bike."
LaQuisha-"That Bitch-ass Niggah better get his ass to dah welfare line!"
by EASLGK;KDFLFDGKH June 28, 2010
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(1)- A word used to describe a white person who is trying to act black. He is a Bitch Ass Niggah because mainly...he is white.
(2)- A name for your boy(s)
(1)- "Look at that Bitch Ass Niggah walkin around and shit all tough"
(2)- "What up Bitch Ass Niggahhhhhhh"
by rasras1033 February 17, 2011
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