Just a straight up bitch. A pussy in the biggest way.
Hey do u know that Jordan Burke kid?
Yeah I heard he's a real bitch-ass nigga
by C_Daddy69 July 21, 2016
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A bitch ass nigga is a man: who squats to pee, who switches when he walks, who crosses his legs all the way with his hands on his knees for support and comfort when he sits, who defends homosexuals, who makes love while listening to elton john, who shops at Hollister, who plucks his eyebrows to bring out his eyes, who sings "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...", who holds another man's pocket,or who is in denial about being a bitch ass nigga is MOST DEFINITELY A BITCH ASS NIGGA
ru-paul, wesley in Tu-Wan-Fu, Use your eyes for seeing and your ears for listening and you find a real bitch ass nigga
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a man, not necessarily a black man, but a man in general who just ain't about shit, and ain't trying to do shit. he probably spent some time in jail, and isn't very educated, or he can be a supposedly model citizen, but is just really fucked up. See, scrub, faggot ass bastard, or swordfighting mu'fucka
Bilal, Raheem, Kareem, etc. Ladies, we all know at least one
by The Mack December 10, 2003
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A guy who acts like a woman but is also a stupid fuck. Always complains about the simplest things, won't do anything for anyone and can't do shit. Likes cock in there asshole.
*3 buddies are at a Chilis*
TristanLarry: Hey Evan pass the ketchup.
EvanRaftobitch: No, I can't, I'm too cool and I'm a major douchebag faggot.
SamSwag: *Drunk AF* C'mon Evam, just pass him the damn kethcupz
EvanRaftobitch: Nah, I already said I'm a cocksucker and I can't.
TristanLarry: Wow, you're mean, we can never be friends anymore because I'm a fuckin crying poon.
SamSwag: *Drunk* Yous guyzes are fucking bitchassnigga. You bitchassniggazz stop complai -- *too drunk and passes out*
by Saaam December 26, 2014
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coward that talks tough
This motherfucker was talking all that shit about how he was going to beat my ass, but once it was time to through down this nigga took off running just like a bitch ass nigga.
by Gangsta Bully May 02, 2016
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Me: typin shit on google
Me: click on urban dictionary
Me:wtf is this shit
Me: asks my fren what dis shit be
Fren: A bitch ass nigga
by dis dick nigga December 15, 2012
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