Someone with a very short lifespan, seeing as there are none over the age of 30.
Jane was a bisexual; she liked females and males, sadly she, like the other bisexuals, disappeared after reaching a certain age of maturity.
by Kelpha January 31, 2009
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It means if u like boys and girls you may have sex with them or kiss them if u really love them
Bisexual people are awesome
by Holly s January 27, 2015
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The ability to come out and be told that you are WRONG about YOUR OWN sexuality
1:"so you're gay."
2: "No I'm Bi."
2: "ya..."
1: *bisexual. pft. like anyone thinks THOSE exist*
by HalfLesbian November 06, 2016
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in best case, a person equally attracted to both sexes. in most cases:
1. straight girls trying to get attention from men.
2. gay guys who aren't ready to come out of the closet.
i have some bisexual friends and then some "bisexual" acquaintances.
by nerm December 23, 2004
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someone who loves both guys =girls
like me :)
email me bisexual n lezz girls

person1# i love you kerry
person2# i love you too sally
person1# im bisexual are you?
person2# no im lesbian
by lorakaytee July 08, 2010
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nothing wrong with that. more meaningful then being gay, and more funner then being straight. you can please everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!
nothing wrong with being bisexual. everyone is in their teenage years
by sebastoin pequot February 07, 2007
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This is a "female" who enjoys getting railed but also enjoys eating pussy, thus she goes both ways. Only a female can be bi sexual, any male who thinks he is bi sexual is simply a confused faggot (see also cocksucking faggot) as there is no such thing as a male bi sexual. (see also bi-sexual)
We have some bi sexuals coming over later, so we can get them wasted and spit roast them while they eat each other out.
by C_Dog23 April 11, 2006
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