Having sexual to both genders or more (depending on you think). You love them for them. (Love is Love™)
Friend: He is cute!
Me: Damn he is, but dude so is she. I mean look at that booty!
Friend: So your Pan?
Me: (hits for head in frustration) I'm bisexual
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by BestBiFrie January 23, 2017
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People who are wayyy too horny for their own good...
that girl is bi sexual because she likes pussy and cock.
what a bi sexual.
she is such a bi sexual.
by benew January 25, 2009
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a girl or male gender who is willing to make commitment to either sexes. being bi-sexual is not JUST being attracted to the same sex and the opposite sex. being bi-sexual is wanting a relationship or else it's just being attracted and not being bi-sexual.
Sally thinks Amanda is cute and pretty but she wants more like a relationship

(she is bisexual)

Melissa thinks Amanda is cute and pretty but she is just 'attracted' but she does not want a relationship.

(she is not bisexual)
by Contagious November 24, 2006
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Bisexual means a person who is attracted to both the male and female sex. In recent years, it has been used by many so-called "punk rock" artists to describe themselves because it sells records. Teenage girls, who notoriously like gay guys, think "OH MY GOD HE'S GAY BUT I COULD STILL GET LAID BY HIM!" Hence the record sales. People guilty of this faggotry include Gerard Way, Billy Joe Armstrong, and that one guy from The Used.
Stupid teenage girl: Like OH MY GOD! GERARD WAY IS BISEXUAL! OH MY GOD!
Smart Teenage Girl: *slaps girl 1*
by Kurt F October 27, 2007
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Someone who can walk into a room and see everyone as a piece of ass
David was dating Ricky, but he was having a little somethin-somethin on the side with Jeannette, and when Ricky found out, all of them had one big bisexual orgy X-D
by Amerikan0Perfekt14 July 13, 2005
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Someone who feels the need for intimate attention of both males and females.
"Ashley used to date Brian but she broke up with him for Caren."
"Wait, how can she date a guy then switch to girls?"
"She's bisexual"
"Oh, ok. Cool."
by Chimeric October 12, 2008
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See non-existant. Bisexuality is a myth; a fable, if you will. The term refers to a fantasy orientation in which a man or woman is physically attracted to both genders, however, these so-called bisexuals will only be seen dating members of one sex and occassionaly hooking up with the other. This is done by attention whores.

Women who consider themselves bisexual are actually:
A.) So undesirable and irritating to be around that they have to hook up with other women as a last ditch effort for attention.
B.) Dikes.

Men who consider themselves bisexual are actually:
A.) Gay.

Bisexuals can typically be found at Hot Topic or at lame emo/hardcore shows.
Robin: Guy's think it's pretty hot that I'm a bisexual.

Alex: You're bi? Where's your girlfriend?

Robin: Well, I have a boyfriend. I don't have a girlfriend right now...

Alex: Have you ever?

Robin: Uhh, no... but I DID kiss another girl at a party the other night.

Alex: Riiiiiiigght.
by Chernorizets Hrabr February 17, 2008
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