Doesn't matter what day her birthday is, a birthday whore sucks up the whole month and makes it her birthday. You begin celebrations on the first of the month and end the festivities 4 am (or whenever the bars close) the last day of the month.
Christine's a birthday whore...she's having her birthday all November long.
by hotbaby514 November 9, 2011
1) Bitch who believes the "pleasure" of giving her gifts is its own reward and never gives a grain of respect in return.

2) Bitch who accepts gifts from people she does not like.
For this reason above, friends regardless of gender should never make any gifts for each other in any form including such simple as tickets for beer. The exception to this rule is for families and engaged couples. Thanks to this rule you avoid a birthday whore 99% of time.
by Master Joie March 22, 2011