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A week long festival that takes place around a person's birthday. It usually commences 3 days before the actual birthDAY, and ceases 3 days after.

Also known as "the festival of ME".

The birthday festival encompasses several key official events, including; the opening ceremony; eve of birthday eve; birthday eve itself; birthday recovery; and ends with a festival closure party. All other events occurring during this festival is at the discretion of the birthday person.

All friends, family and aquaintances shall worship and adore their birthday person during this time. Showering of gifts, favours, foot rubs etc and providing anything on demand to the birthday person is essential.
1. "Yo beeeatches, it's MY birthday festival, and you will drink cocktails out of my boot, if I say so"

2. Sorry Boss, I can't come to work this week, I have a birthday festival to attend.
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by The Shonk-meister February 11, 2018
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