a large amount (usually a brick or cake) of cocaine. also see keys
, the rapper bird man.
flippin birds on these cornerz..
by wordzsmith August 05, 2003
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1. An individual who is stupid, foolish, careless, idiotic, moronic, retarded, or just plain dumb.

2. A profane gesture in the form of giving the middle finger.

3. A feathered vertebrate that has wings and lays eggs.

Used to express dissatisfaction.

See Also: bird move
1. You are such a fucking bird.

2. That mutha fucka just flipped me the bird! Cap his ass!

3. Look at that bird flying up in the sky.

You want me to what?! Bird!
by prefixed February 08, 2004
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Bird is slang for penis, usually used in the northern U.S. or Canada. Coined by Bubbles.
Nobody likes getting caught with their bird out.
by Tduff May 28, 2008
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