An extreme diet that is often confused with a starvation diet and is mostly practised by men. A ''birdseed'' diet is a nutritional approach which involves unlimited calorie intake that consists of food only birds can consume, it is quite often combined with a strenuous workout program. People who go on the diet seek to get fit without restricting calories, it usually precedes a final ''blackout'' (eating junk to the point of explosion)a day prior to the diet. The ''blackouts'' persist during the diet everytime he/she is intoxicated. During the diet, ''blackouts'' can also occur when sober, especially when you eat something that isnt ''birdseed'' - this phenomonen is defined as the ''floodgate factor''. Given the factors that arise during this diet, it is deemed completely useless , unrealistic and torturous.
Jon: Hey Mark do you want some fries?
Mark: No thanks Jon Im on a bird seed diet,if birds cant eat it,neither can I
Jon: Why don't you just have a couple with your whiskey(beer isn't birdseed)
Mark: I cant Jon,that will open the floodgates
Jon: Suit yourself

Mark gets completely hammered after 1 litre of whiskey and blacks out on every peice of junk on the way/at home after a whole week of strenuous excercise and unlimited unappealing birdseed food
by Haydar Manaf December 26, 2007
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