Usually someone who is bi-polar is named anna; all annas are bi-polar
"hey whats up with her?"
"Her name is Anna"
"Don't you know all annas are bi-polar?"
"Oh yah i forgot"
by MyNaMeIsAnNa July 17, 2012
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A crazy pychotic bitch!

Symptoms:annoying, contridicting yourself, loud, selfish, lack of personality.
if you are experiancing any of these symptoms ask your doctor for URGENT MEDICAL ATTENTION.

a side effect of being a bipolar crazy bitch is you may lose your friends.
Chelsea Ann Schaffer is a bipolar bitch. Because of her disease she has lost may friends.
by Finally Happy :) April 22, 2008
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Edward Kuba is the most bipolar fucktard ever!!!!
(good day for ed)
ali - hey ed whats up
ed - nothing how about u?

(the next day not a good day "moodswing")
ali - what up ed how is your day
ali - you bipolar fucktard!
by David (BIG D) April 21, 2005
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changing from one attitude to its opposite attitude in a ashort period of time. being angry then getting happy after a minute or so.
She's so bipolar laughing now when she had almost broken a window due to her anger a while ago.
by JHEDEHBHE March 03, 2009
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Being bipolar is when one experiences depression when you're waitingnot to do things or when you feel over excited,and can't waitto do things.
Bipolar When I woke up this morning, I stayed for hours in bed, feeling depressed. When I actually decided to phone my girlfriend, to apologise for last night, she couldn't understand what I was saying, because I spoke so uncontrollably, that she hung up on the phone.
by robertddangoor September 18, 2016
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