One of the more useless sciences where one learns of the ways in which life came to be and how it has changed over time. also of how organisms reproduce, and engage in all the precesses that are necesary for the continucane of thier own lives and that of thier fellow species. also known for the completely eccentric teachers who preach it like its the love of ther lives and who endlessly enjoy nothing more than knowing how organisms live.

completely inferior to other sciences such as Chemistry and Physics, but is still usefull for a few laughs
Biology is easy to understand, but i dont care how vertebrates
digest thier food, i just want to know how to blow stuff up!!!
by Newdolz January 12, 2006
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Not even a real science! Give us Physics and Chemistry instead. Without chemistry and physics, biology would not exist!
Biology....pah who needs it?
by BoXhEaD December 12, 2004
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Pretty much the class that tells us that we are all made to fuck each other. Think about it. We are human species. We reproduce. We have been theoretically came from apes so we are made to fuck whoever we want to please.
Oh my biology teacher told us that is normal to masturbate and fuck.
by Kyle 230 May 05, 2010
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Lets be frank, biology isnt a real science. What has biology ever contributed to the scientific world? Physics has Einstein and Newton, Chemistry has life saving drugs and awesome practicals. But what does biology have? Nothing. What good does looking at the structure of a plant do for us? It's a joke, psychology is more of a science
Biology is a science for people who can't cope with the skill and intellect of Physics and Chemistry. For people who want an easy credit, these people are slack.
by sciencefan March 31, 2011
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Something Dr. Furman is forced to teach against her will, and all of her students hate except Michal
by ZROSENEDI February 03, 2015
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