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The type of large, non-flat, see-through plastic lid used to cover Slurpees and various iced coffee drinks that allows for wide spill-over of whipped cream and other edible, non-liquid material.
"Wow, they're putting a lot of whipped cream on that iced're gonna need a biodome for that!"

"Oh no! My straw's too short for the biodome...I'm losin' it!"
by Brett W. July 19, 2005
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Bob and Jenny got married, had two kids, became Republicans, began attending Cavalry Baptist, and moved out of their city flat and into a Gold River McMansion, a new biodome out on Highway 50. They now drive SUVs through two hours of heavy traffic to get to their jobs. When asked why he had become such a cheesedick, Bob replied, "It was for the children."
by Scott Mansfield December 31, 2007
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Bio dome is the phrase given to dome that is given to you by somebody that is in your biology class. It is way better than regular dome and is receiving bio dome is considered a major award. Girls will sometimes compete to see who can give the most bio dome to their class.
Jack: yo Matt why were you at Kaitlyn's last night?
Matt: Dudee i had to go she offered me bio dome!
by SnapbackMagneto January 10, 2012
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guy - hey look theres a biodome
dude - yeah that biodome goes both ways...
guy - thats weird.
by Br0k3nT3nsi0nz x 4 May 13, 2007
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A low grossing movie from the 80's that put many to sleep with it's boring plot lines and lackluster....anything. Mainly used as a sleep aide
I'm so restless tonight, I'm going to watch Biodome to help me sleep.
by Ty J. B. August 14, 2005
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Bacteria-infested head of an acne zit.
Check the biodomes on pizza-face!!
by Skirtlifter August 14, 2005
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