An absolutely frickin' AMAZING Canadian band, wrote brilliant songs such as Fallen Leaves, Burn the Evidence, Lies, The River Below, Nothing to Lose and the awesome 'Pins and Needles', to name but a few. They rock my socks! Seriously, they are amazing.
'Never understood how she could,
Mean so little to so many
Why does she mean everything to me?

Is it worth the pain, with no one to blame?
For all of my insecurities
How did I ever let you go?'

(Billy Talent, Pins and Needles)
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Very good band. Not the best band out there, but still one of the better ones.
Billy Talent rocks. - General Lee the day before his surrender
by Not Zane July 21, 2004
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The best band ever and i saw i saw a diss down there right after the fist one posted. which is the one i put in. and if you fucking hate billy talent you must have a fucking buildup of wax in ur pop-loving ears and clean that out cuz if u dont even like billy talent a little bit u might aswell go sing with avril as she entertains little 10 year olds. thats probly what your calling in life is anyway
Stupid avril lover: WHAT!?!
Hannah: Billy Talent rules!
Stupid avril lover: oh really? all i do is poison myself with avril poison. THANKS FOR TEH ADVICE
by You_Fking_Wish. November 25, 2003
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if you don't listen to billy talent like an addict its because you don't have the balls.
if you say you don't like them it's because you want to piss somebody off by dissing their music taste.
if you haven't heard them, what the hell are you doing on UB??
get out there and jammm!
non-believer/ jew-"i guess billy talent is good."
by punky chick March 19, 2009
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A horrible band. Songs lack meaning, depth, or substance. Known to burn ears. All songs consist of pathetic attempts at music. Weezer is like gods among mortals compared to Billy Talent. And Weezer sucks. Part of the new "rock", a generic term to describe todays pop with a guitar added in. Rock is, mostly, bands from pre-'00, "rock" is Billy Talent, Plain White T's, and any band that claims to be ________core(aside of course from some of the original hardcore). Mainly consists or emo fags who shop at hot topic, douchebags, and people generally lacking talent. Hence the pun that is Billy Talent.
I listened to Billy Talent. Now I need to take some Advil.

Why cant we have good music anymore? It's all crap like Billy Talent and Plain White T's.
by Oracle989 September 21, 2007
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Should be called billy no-talent, because thats what they are lacking. Makes me ashamed to be from Toronto
by batmanrocks May 01, 2005
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The worst band from canada in years. There is not enough negative comments towards this group, especially the lyricist whom has created a bandwagon of controversy. A string of bathetically written songs will not satisfy my musical hunger.
hey more like bull-talent
by anonymous April 07, 2005
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