One of the talented and (pretty, shmexii, whatever) people in the music industry equipped with a deep and throaty voice only a retard would hate.

And yes, he is married and has two kids and is probably a decade and half older than me.

Lead singer of the band Green Day. Drummer = Tre Cool
Bassist = Mike Dirnt.
Shemxiness is inevitable.
by Yuuri March 11, 2005
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A very talented musician and songwriter who is the lead singer and guitarist for Green Day. He also doesnt give a damn what you, ur grandma or ur imaginary friend thinks becuase if you dont like the music that helps him know in the future how many records they will be selling. if you love it he will probobly be the sweetest guy on the planet to you as long as you dont piss him off hehe.
poser girl: Billie Joe Armstrong is so hot!! AHH! ::DROOLS AND SQUEALS:
me: you fag you dont even know what band he plays in!
poser: YES I DO! its um...purple...day?
me: friggin teeny bopper! ::shoots teeny bopper::
by Zlata September 27, 2005
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the hottest guy in the world.a total sex god. not only is he way sexy, hes super talented. he has an awsome voice. it sux that hes married. hes deffinatly fuckable. id bang him if i had the chance.
omg its billie joe armstrong! god i wanna fuck him!
by Blonde Jew February 26, 2005
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correction: green day have actually been around since 1988
Billie Joe armstrong in 1988: 'Hey lets form a Band called Sweet Children
Mike Dirnt: 'Ok, lets get that guy from 'the Lookouts' to play drums + soon after change our name to Green Day after a day when u just smoke weed.'
Billie Joe: 'k'
M.D.: 'Fine, sorted'
B.J.: 'And we can appeal to real music fans until 2004 when we will write a few pointless songs about hating america, most of which lead back to me being an atheist'
M.D.: What?
by Green Day formed in 1988 August 23, 2006
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Hottest man alive. I have been a huge Green Day fan all my life and Billie Joe is my idol. I love him soo much and he is the most gorgeous man alive!!! For all you people who think Green Day suck and that Billie Joe is ugly, eat shit and die. thx
Billie Joe....hottest man ever!!! I would do anything to meet him in person
by ~Anna~billiejoe_is_soo_hot February 03, 2005
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Commonly know to teeny boppers as 'Sex God'.
Amazingly, this is not his real job.
Billie Joe Armstrong is the lead singer of used-to-be punk rock band Green Day.
I claim that they 'used-to-be punk' simply because I think they have now strayed (perhaps not through their own faults) from the original values of punk.
Punk was originally the attitude a group of people shared who were going against the mainstream, and who held a great interest in the political world and shared feelings of mutiny against persons in authority.
Since the release of 'American Idiot' (which also started out as a political album), Green Day have arrived in the mainstream, releasing well-received hits such as 'American Idiot', 'Boulevard Of Broken Dreams' and 'Wake Me Up When September Ends'.
I for one do not find anything particularly special about any of their singles, preferring the album tracks instead which - thankfully - have remained somewhat sacred from the prying musical tastes of annoying high school girls who, incidentally, wouldn't know 'Dookie' from a pile of dung.
I do not, however, believe that Green Day have 'sold out'. I think the reason many people think they have is because of the fan base they have recruited since the release of their latest album. Fans like these claim to have liked Green Day 'all their lives' However, I find that hard to believe as the entries posted in Urban Dictionary claiming such...umm...claims were posted AFTER THE RELEASE OF AMERICAN IDIOT.
Thus I am forced to conclude that Teeny Boppers like these are still continuing to be the bane of my life.
Bring back the old values of punk.
TeenyBopper: OMFG! I SOOO TOTALLY LOVE GREEN DAY!! I AM SOOOO PUNK! *brandishes American Idiot cd in air and points violently at top with the slogan 'Punk Rock Chick' emblazoned across the front*.
Me: Umm...
TB: I am soooo going to get all their albums, omg.
Me: Umm...
TB: Well...cya! I gotta go dye my hair some ROCKIN colour like...like...like PINK! I love pink...*drifts off with dreamy expression on carefully made-up orange face*
Me: Umm...
by Chaolin August 10, 2005
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