Lead singer of the once-decent-cum-dreadful punk band Green Day. A bisexual fuckwit with limited intelligence, lacklustre borderline emo songwriting skill; a very general piece of societal detritus.

An asshole who converted Green Day from a 20th century Punk rock masterpiece into a 21st century piece of canine excrement.

Responsible for the writing of Jesus of Suburbia, arguably 2005's worst musical sample and amongst the worst songs ever written. His vocals are incessantly raucous, unbearably monotonous, repetitive, and bordering on the skill of a Singstar newbie.

Claims that bisexuality is normal (thus clearing himself of defamation) and that all heterosexuality is the result of social dogma. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you your fuckwit.
Billie Joe Armstrong - Landslide victor of the coveted Fuckwit of Century award. A moron beyond society's comprehension.
by MrKapper January 26, 2006
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Lead singer and "guitarist" for Green Day, arguably one of the worst bands to come out of the post-Grunge cess pool that it modern rock music.

With their endless supply of vapid, abhorrent "music" and pointless, ignorant, ersatz political activism, Green Day have cornered the market on 13 year old Rebels out to spend Daddy's money from mowing the lawn at the nearest Hot Topic
When you hear him play the guitar, what you are really hearing are the tortured souls of dead guitar players
by Dillon Farnum March 28, 2005
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Some sad excuse of a human in a band that destroys the name of music.
Girl: Billie Joe Armstrong is the htotest guy in the world!! OMG!!
by RlKKl April 01, 2006
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A deceiver. Has never attended a guitar lesson in his life. Also, an embarressment to the entire music community. He uses catchy lyrics to cover up his atrocious guitar playing. He plays the all-too-common "power chord" and puts out pathetic 5 note solos. Also, bitches about The United States of America, and doesnt realize that no one is forcing him to live here.
The most untalented guitar player is billie joe armstrong.
by G. Barr June 13, 2006
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uh, not really as sexy as you may think, looks like the guy never gets any sleep because he usually has major baggage, also a sissy because he wears eyeliner, and people are so stupid, just cuz they hear their song "american idiot" they become all obsessed with greenday and billie joe, and they think that theyre a new band when really they have been around longer than you may think, only recently have they broken out and i am now appalled at the number of retards who think they know greenday after listening to one song

back to "billie joe", he has become a lazy ass at guitar, he had to assign another guitarist to his band, that lazy ass, although the new guitarist is not technically a part of greenday
guy 1: yo greenday is my new favourite band

guy 2: you dumbshit theyve been around since early 90's


guy 1: *kicks him in ballls*
by former greenday fan January 09, 2005
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The worst guitar player ever to walk the face of the earth. Plays bad punk music; killed rock and roll.

Because he plays so poorly everyone thinks they can play therefore everyone does. and they all suck. Thus making Billy Joe Armstrong, and green day, the worst band ever. As well as being the ugliest fag ever.
Retard 1:Don't worry we can start a band, we will start off by learning all the Green Day songs, thank god Billy Joe Armstrong is so cool.

Retard 2: what if we suck.

Retard 1: It's ok Green Day is easy to play. it wont be hard, we will be mainstream in no time.
by Evan McCandless June 07, 2005
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really hott guy from green day who is almost as sexy as tre. his teeth are really jacked up and i feel bad for saying that but he is still the second hottest man alive... after tre.
billie joe is the second hottest man alive.
by greendaygrl17 January 03, 2005
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