bike is a pedal away in evolution to tall bike
tallbike is grown up bike to free police horse with postapocaliptic sport tallbike jousting
by louis October 26, 2004
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we don't need an explanation
Ivan shags bikes
by tinypp November 8, 2020
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a group making fun of another group that besses its name off of the number of wheels a vehicle has.
loo and poo are BIKE
by happy tzu July 11, 2008
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Pooping while simultaneously moving you legs like you are riding a bike, due to the intense pain. A synonym of the verb "shitting"
Yesterday when I was biking, my mom knocked on the door and asked if I was alright
by Limblessless August 23, 2006
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The equivalent of a drive-by, except on a bike rather than a car.
by Ferretttts August 12, 2008
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A tool of travel in most places; a tool of Satan inside cities.
Suburbanite: "I love riding my bike wherever I go."

New Yorker: "I will stab you."
by thedorkofyork August 5, 2012
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A furry land mammal, found on farms and large areas of open grass.
Hey, i rode a bike last year, at my grandfathers farm.
by Jbeach, angemyster August 8, 2008
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