used to describe an incredibly awful smell.
Ewww....jesus....that fucking smells smells like bigfoot's dick!
by tttruck February 18, 2005
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a turd trick that involves leaving fecal matter in a toilet and then shaving your pubes into the toilet. This combination resembles a long brown shaft covered in hair often identical to the dick of a saquatch
As i looked into the toilet bowl I saw a shit covered in pubes, and thought what is that bigfoots dick?
by sammythejuice October 03, 2011
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An extremely foul, pungent, rotting, or otherwise repulsive smell.
I found sour clam chowder behind the fridge last night, and it smelled worse than Bigfoot's dick
by fishkiller350 October 24, 2012
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The anaconda-like protrusion from between the mysterious great apes' legs.
"Holy shit Nick! I was just violated in the posterior region by big foots' dick! Now my ass hole hurts :'("

"You think your dick is big Jamal? Well wait until you see bigfoots' dick!"

by ZMcFizzle September 10, 2008
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