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This is an act for a very sensual night. It is very important before you engage in this sexual act that you stretch thoroughly, especially in the groin area. First you strip down fully naked besides your socks. Socks are the key to perfect the big wheel rider. You first insert the man's penis into the woman's vagina. Next step: The woman does a cartwheel while the penis is still inserted inside the woman's vagina. However many cartwheels is totally acceptable. When the man ejaculates, keep on continuing in the sexual manner of the big wheel rider. It is considered the Big Wheel Rider In A Snowstorm when that happens. Works well with a woman who participates in gymnastics and a man who drinks a lot of fucking booze.
That bitch knows how to perform the big wheel rider... VERY NICE HIGH FIVE!
by IT'S GATOR BITCHES January 20, 2011
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