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things that happen in a person's life leaving a mark; life-changing events.
also, an exclaimation of kudos.
" got the job? got some big tings goin' on!"
by olpfaw April 28, 2005
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A large expertly rolled joint or persons that regularly prepares them
"man that joint is a Big-Ting"

"roll another joint Big-Ting"
by dark nights broken cowl October 19, 2012
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a person who has a calf fetish and likes to touch white boys and says wapow. he fucken likes to touch thunderthys and wants to fuck jaxons mum
harrys a big ting
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by thunderthys69 August 21, 2018
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Big ting, originally from Big Shaqs, Mans Not Hot, is a generalization describing larger people.
Wow did you see that big ting! He's got a pumpy and is super big!
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by Jackson Davitt March 01, 2018
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