When the titties are just too plump and big to handle, these are known as big ol titties. These are the perfect titties for motorboating
Person 1- Damn!! that girl over there has some really 'big ol titties!! '

Person 2- Yeah!! I'd love to motorboat them!!
by Bigwillywonka69 January 6, 2016
Used when describing a female's large breasts.
Man, she got some big ole titties, n' you know I love those big ole titties.
by The Searle delusion November 16, 2007
Popular sentance in famous song "The race" but most enjoyable version of it is the sped of quandale dingle vetsion.
"she got big ol titties i said goo goo go gaga" Said Mlgsnipeer to mommy man
by khostafghanistan May 23, 2022
brown-skinned, ghetto-living, chicken-eating, watermelon-loving (watermelon aka "Nigger Apple"), female with large, saucer-nipple breasts, vis-a-vie Kottonmouth Kings
Dropping my new biznatch's halter in the back of my brugandy six-four, I saw she had some fine-ass, big ol' brown ass titties!
by pfc. Snowball December 11, 2008