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1. One who is at the top of his game whether it be basketball, football, or other various sports 2. One who gets all the ladies 3. One who runs the block whether that be in terms of physical size, firearms, or ass kicking; generally abbreviated as BDN
Vince Young had BDN (big dick nigga) written all over him in his victory over USC in this year's Rose Bowl.
by Demarcus January 07, 2006
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Pertaining to someone of African-American descent who is more than dominant in size, athleticism, and attitude.
Person 1: 2k time, who are you gonna be?
Person 2: The hawks, bro!
Person 1: The hawks suck, you serious?
Person 2: They got that Big Dick Nigga Josh Smith though!
Person 1: Shit, I forgot
by ThatMoFucka March 20, 2013
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