when you see someone walking down the street and they got a big jollly green giant ole fee fi built ass body. causin a tsunami and shit when they get in the ocean
Johny: Damn girl you thick . \Her: teehee thankyou big daddy. \Me: bitch you not thick tf. lmao you got a big built body ole brick wall looking ass
by CHAMPAGNEMAMIJR July 07, 2017
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When a girl or guys head is to big for their body.
Wow that persons head is to big for their body!
by jake rer February 03, 2009
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Some big body tribes were the Dinka of South Sudan & Tutsi of Rwanda. Lil' Troy mentions pushing Big Body lyric. During slavery, stockmen, large slaves, were selected to increase size of breed.
Tyrone & Nate Dogg are buff & pushing big body. No one mess with dem.
by Swisher rolled tight October 15, 2020
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