A person that is indeed large and aint bout that life
Jacob:"imma get my first body blood"
Friends:"you a big body bitch"

by Humphrey 2.0 January 12, 2019
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This is what you call a rude fat bitch or sometimes used to describe your bffs
Ex: Jordan if you don’t get your big body ass

Ex: hey big body ass emily
by Yeet2445556 January 05, 2018
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A big hoe who gets paid.

A down ass big bitch who knows how to get it betta than most.

BBW provider on the internet who makes a lot of money.

Top dolla big hoe.

A big body hoe who's game tight and paid right.
"Nigga you trippin, that's my big body benz, I put her up against any of your top tens!
by hoetalk July 10, 2011
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Where the patient's body is completely swollen in all directions in the shape of a big ball. (Sometimes the breasts inflate too) Admit it, you know you want to do this to your girlfriend.
Troy: Wow, would you look at Jenny's big balloon body?

Jenny: Troy, this isn't funny! Deflate me this instance!

Erica: Whee! This so much bouncy fun!
by Gangster Twinks January 16, 2017
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