When a person (usually male) is so camp by nature that it is of holy proportions, akin to a swarm of locusts descending on Egypt, or the unleashing of wrath from the God Almighty himself.
"This guy is so biblically gay that he could get the Lord Jesus Christ himself listening to Diana Ross"
by bread-it November 05, 2011
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A shit so epic/huge/painful/life changing that the bible should be rewritten to incorporate it some how.
That poop hurt so much that it felt like the second coming of Christ, I kid you not it was a BIBLICAL Shit!
by wuvwa February 11, 2012
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Being correct about Controversial topics following the bibles point of view
miss California is biblically correct about gay marriage
by Mr. Sach April 25, 2009
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References sexuality.

Originally employed to describe words or phrases that morphed (from their common use as symbols representing sex acts) to become more diversely applicable.

The original common use of the terms can be found in older translations of the Bible; hence, the slang.
"know" employed sexually in the Bible: (Gen 4:1; Matt. 1:25)

~ ~ ~

Bill: I was 'with' Susie last night...

John: Biblically speaking?!
by An A And An M June 16, 2008
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the term comes from hebrew in origin so althoug you usually say in hebrew "yofi tanachi", you can also use it in english. It mean someone- a woman or a man is not good looking from the outside but has a really good and kind personality.
- "Hey man, I met this girl today. she is really ugly but has a biblical beauty".

- "wow dude, sound cool. you should marry this one. what's important is what you have inside".
by geverena August 04, 2011
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An informal way of saying Old School Clothes
Dude: "Ay yo man. Look at my bathing apes. They're shit cool ain't it bruh?"

"No it ain't. The fuck is that Biblical times bullshit bruh"
by RandomInternetUser January 13, 2018
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Something that happens on such a huge scale it could be biblical- ie in the bible. So when Jesus walked on water or performed one of other many miricles they are considered on bibical proportions, after all they're in the bible.
This event is of biblical proportions!
by Aceizace April 18, 2004
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