Tweets announcing, the end of the world in 2012 or any other impending disaster.
Tweets sent by characters mentioned in The Bible.
Top Biblical Tweets:
Ark was already full, so I had to tell the @dragons, @dinosaurs, and @unicorns I´d be "right back to pick them up." #my bad #extinction.
10:55 AM June 28, 6345 BC from Tweet Deck
(Alec McNayr and Alan Beard, Top 7 'Historical Tweets' From The Bible)
by rperazag May 25, 2010
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v. To indulge in the act of mating with another person.
To have coitus interruptus
To make love
"Darling, now its our wedding night, shall we get biblical like the good lord advise?"
"Oh yes darling, that would please the baby jesus"
by Reg Davey December 22, 2005
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This phrase is an idiom.

If you say you know someone but not in the biblical sense, you mean you have not had sex with them

Usage notes: In the Bible, 'to know' someone meant to have sex with them.
'Did you know her then?' 'Yes, but not in the biblical sense.'
David: 'Did you know her then?'
Joseph: 'Yes, but not in the biblical sense.'
by lucasizle January 10, 2012
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1. head from a significantly older woman

2. sexual encounter with a significantly older person.
My homeboy's mom gave me some biblical knowledge the other day.

I went and got me some biblical knowledge from that old-ass freak who lives around the corner.
by le_penseur March 10, 2010
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bib-li-kuh | ahr-kee-ol-uh-jee

The guy who studies, you know, places that have to do with religion, like holy sites. Mostly like spots in Jerusalem, Middle East at different parts of the world where they claim that, you know, spots of Christ and places took place, you know, events. So, he's the guy that breaks that down and tries to, you know explain things, you know, tries to, you know, locate and really do more investigations and things.
Body, please explain what Biblical Archaeology to us.
by Ishtahal January 11, 2018
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When you bang someone who isnt you wife/husband and get stoned afterward

In the ancient days if a woman was caught sleeping with a man who she is not married to she would be tied down and beaten to death with stones.

Often referred to as stoning
I so committed biblical adultery last night at the bar.
by Hobit Hole December 15, 2009
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The speed at which a dysfunctional object is hit with a bible.
Hit that tube with more Biblical Velocity, bro.
by Manifesto Oregano May 15, 2009
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