Many sheets of acid stacked on top of each other.
My friend just got a bible and he gave me a sheet from it!
by greyseraph December 03, 2006
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An immense fictional literary collection of contradictions and conflicting messages that a religion called Christianity worships and uses to guide their lives.
Priest: The Bible is God's word. It must be taken literaly in ever sense.

MC Weezy: But Jesus's parable were told completely in metaphor and figurative language.

Priest: Ummmm.......
by MC Weezy July 10, 2008
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A book telling of the Christian religion. These are the steps to creating your own Bible:

1. Write about your beliefs in God(s) and how you should live a succesful life (Should be about 1 page)

2. Add on layers of bullshit (should be about 2000 pages)

3. Publish and wait for the cult.
Some insane criminal blaspheming against religion got a book called "The Bible" published about him after the Romans killed him, and now he is the most holy man in the universe. Something isn't right, here.
by Nevrmore March 27, 2005
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The most ingenious marketing ploy ever to have existed
Over 1 billion users can't be wrong!
by bbbbbbb June 18, 2005
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Complete Trash written by MEN not some holy being wich makes it totally worthless, yet people still follow it even though todays sientists have 100 times the knowledge then the men that wrote it.
PERSON1: hey im bored im gonna write a book.
PERSON2: Great idea we can controll people with it!
PERSON1: Ya and we can scare all of the normal people so the stop masturbation.
by Chris D May 27, 2005
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A rather famous work of fiction that took over 1500 years to write and edit and still didn't turn out well.

Comparable to the modern-day Twilight series for its unnecessary length and number of sequels; poor quality of writing; overuse of sparkles; and annoyingly melodramatic characters (see: God; see: Bella).

Both works are also more renowned for their obnoxious fanbases than their artistic merit (or lack thereof).
"Man, some Jehovah's Witnesses came to my door again yesterday. They scare me a little, but I don't know how to tell them I don't want their Bible."
"Pfft, Jehovah's Witness. I can handle them with one hand tied behind my back. It's the Cult of Edward you gotta watch out for."
by atheismiscooler September 14, 2009
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A story book written over centuries. A fictional tale about a man named jesus.
Teacher: WHo can name a fairy tale?
Little Arthur the Atheist: The Bible
God: Blasphemize this biznatch!
by skah January 17, 2005
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