The plural form of bus; opposed to busses
There were 20 bi in the parking lot today.
by Domin June 01, 2005
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Derogatory word means female genitile in mandarin and other few chinese dialects and south east asian language. Can be literally translated as cant/cunt.
Man 1: Your bi.
Man 2: Bi~.
by kevindatz August 23, 2006
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someone who fancies or is attracted to both sexes. bisexual
i am bisexual. will u hav sex with me
by sxc sashina August 10, 2007
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see: Before Internet. For the general population Internet started in 1995 therefore 1994 is 1 BI.
In 1 year BI only a few hundred servers were up and running and they were not very accessible.
1970 is 25 years BI.
by diggdigger June 22, 2010
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Boner inducing.

Used when talking about something that is so appealing it causes you to go from 6 to midnight in no time.
Damn she is so hot!" - "No doubt. B.I. for sure.
by Rune.613 April 18, 2011
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A word for someone in theatre who is not only involved in acting but is also a techie/crew. Generally switches back and forth depending on the show.
What's he doing in this show, I saw him backstage for the last one, he must be bi.
by Brian August 08, 2005
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