I knew a bgirl who could hit an air flair! She had sick power.
by Zyn Spice March 03, 2006
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A hooker that works mainly out of a bar; common in SE Asia
"Yo dude, Isn't she hot?"
"Naw man, she's a total B-girl. just look at her grind that fat lonely guy over there"
"Oh, yeah.... true"
by Ravinisawesome! March 22, 2010
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As described in the song "B Girls" by the 1980's - 1990's rap group "Young & Restless".

A B Girl is gold digger who specifically target guys who possess items starting with the letter B. Specifically, these include "Broncos, Benzes, BMWs, bass, bangles, and "a pair of bars (chrome wire-spoke wheels) on a Cadillac Brougham".

These women were the gold diggers of the 1980's and mid-1990's
Man 1: Hey, you see that girl over there?

Man 2: Leave her alone! She ain't nothin but a B Girl!

Man 1: I hate all these B Girls around here!


Girl 1: Have you seen Lindsay lately?

Girl 2: NO! What happened to her?

Girl 1: She turned into a B Girl.

Girl 2: What a slut!
by DWC1982 January 30, 2011
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a group of girls that are beautiful bitches.
"Wow Morgan and Delia are such b girls"
by Moeboe February 24, 2007
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A B-girl is another word for calling a person a bitch. Although, that person could not always be a bitch, so they aren't actually a bitch. The person does, however, act bitchy on the occasion so they are a B-girl. The word is meant to be less harsh. There is no change in the word B-girl for males. If a male is being a bitch, then he too is a b-girl.
"OMG, Lilo was being such a b-girl today. Ew."

"OMG, Max was being such a b-girl today. Ew."
by macksx March 18, 2007
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