Stands for "Baby Gangsta", a memeber of the rap group "Tha Hot Boyz"
A young nigga named Bg, steppin ta me an i'll make ya bleed.
by william d willerson February 17, 2003
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1. Bad game, when a game ends and the team won by cheating or swept the other team
2. desktop wallpaper on a computer
3. background of an image
1. bg you n00b cheaters
2. I just made this sick bg for my computer
3. woah check out that sick bg of that sunset pic
by Brian November 23, 2003
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BG. It's emblematic of someone who is a pure boss and fucks bitches. It is based upon a Florida Highschooler some years back who graduated valedictorian of his high school, played 3 sports, and had the hottest piece for a gf. It has since gained widespread popularity at many Florida State Schools.
That guy is so fucking BG - he fucked the hottest girl in KD and wrecked the curve in his graduate student class.

"'That guy is Boss.' 'Nah Motherfucker - he's straight BG.'"
by BG Baller April 13, 2010
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You have the "Bubble Gutts"
When you have to use the bathroom really bad and your stomach is boiling and bubbling. Not to mention you are probably doing alot of farting.

First Dude: "I don't know about those eggs dawg, I think they gave me the B G"
First Dude: {farts and it rolls out his butt}
Second Dude: "Damn player what's wrong with yo a$$?"
by MrMmmm December 15, 2005
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