A patient with diabetes, a diaBETIc. (Medical slang).
"Did you give that betty on Ward 4 his insulin?"
by Dr. Mbogo December 10, 2006
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The act of either inflating your expense reports to the point of absurdity or other nefarious activities like bringing a coupon to a corporate lunch and trying to get a rebate on what your coworkers have already paid.
"Dude, I totally got Bettied the other day at lunch. My friend offered to split the check but he had 3 drinks and I had water!"
"OMG I had so much time to kill on Friday so I Bettied up my expense reports and made like 100 bucks extra!!"
by No5isAlive January 25, 2008
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Betty is the term used to describe an amazing person who you can depend on. Although Betty is a common term refering to "hot surfer chick," Betty is also a term for "sweet and loving girl." The more you get to know her, the more you love being around her. She has a good sense of humor and has a cute laugh. She's chill yet hard working as well as kind and considerate. Betty lights up the room and lights up my life. She's always happy and cheerful. She's also cuddly, independent and smart. All the guys have secret crushes on her even though she doesn't realize it. She appreciates the simple things in life and can make anything good out of a bad situation.
Guy 1: That girl is sooo Betty.

Guy 2: Totally rad. She's mine.
by sk8rboy ;) December 12, 2010
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The term Betty refers to a hot chick. One that is attractive, stylish and self confident. A Betty is typically a looker.

A Super Betty is one step above that. She is very hot in all areas. Denise Richards and Carmen Electra are examples of Super Bettys.

Hey, check out that Super Betty, wow!
by SoberDude August 16, 2006
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A total failure to retain or accept common knowledge and to argue proven facts with idiotic ideas or excuses
I bettied the whole "world is round" theory because I've never worked with geography before so it can't be true - right?

I bettied all the answers to this test because the questions weren't clear even if everyone else was able to understand them
by lemon_drops January 30, 2008
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