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A repository of D-rated satire that somehow manages to pass as journalism for girls who haven't grown out of the high school phase, think "betch" is a real word, and believe Regina George is an acceptable role model. "BetchesLoveThis" is a blog full of a bunch of articles by female writers who hate everything but themselves (example articles include "10 Actresses We Love to Hate" and "No.1 - Talking Shit" as the top article of "Things Betches Love"). Warning: reading articles on the "Betches Love This" will probably drop your IQ points by 10 or 20 and make you lose faith in the female half of humanity.
Taken from a REAL BetchesLoveThis article ("Things Betches Love - No.1. Talking Shit):

"There’s nothing a true betch loves more than talking shit. Be this talking shit about other girls, guys, their best friends, celebrities, professors, poor people… if you have a flaw we will find it and talk shit about it. While the nice girl in the room may urge you, “Stop! These are real people we’re talking about!” betches know the truth. If you’re not cute, funny, or rich, you’re not a real person.

So what kind of settings do betches love to talk shit in? Let’s see… umm… ANYWHERE. Betches talk shit while sitting around at home on their couches (usually in groups of 5 or 6), in the corner at the bar, over drinks at dinner, while browsing Facebook, or via BBM while in the presence of the person they’re talking shit about. In this case, the saying goes, “if you have nothing mean to say, don’t say anything at all.” That’s a betch’s motto."
by ohlalaland May 29, 2013
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