Name of a street in the OC... Home of The Berkshire Ballers.
"Hey yo, we gonna ball it up on Berkshire tomorrow?"
"Like hells yeah!"
by DG January 4, 2004
a kind, hot guy from the Wattpad story “Filthy”. He’s a slytherin with mommy & daddy issues. cousin & best friend to Draco Malfoy.
My favorite character from “Filthy” is Lorenzo Berkshire.
by wattpadlover January 13, 2021
A hot Slytherin that’s also a feminist from “Filthy ; Draco Malfoy” written by Babynaomi on Wattpad and Ao3.
Person 1: Who’s that he’s hot!
Person 2: Oh that’s Lorenzo Berkshire.
by shroomhouse May 17, 2022
The shittiest mall you will ever go to. Half of the stores are closed and the other half are t-shirt stores. It the only place to go in the berkshires for teens. If you go to the mall on a friday night you will see the "mall rats" a bunch of "emo,scene, hipsters, stoners and punks". They are a group of kids who wear band shirts from hot topic and all they talk about is music or sex. Walk through the mall on a friday night you will smell pot and hear fuck every three feet.
Normal friday night at the berkshire mall

1 guy: "when she looks at me its like her eyes are staring at my soul"

2 girl:" ermergred im bout to have a fuckin break down lyke omf this ruined my night i need a fucking smoke holy shit guise.

3 stoner: hehehehehehehehehehe do i smell like pot?

4 hipster: i would wear that shirt but that band is to mainstrem so let me get a shirt that has a band from the 80s that i dont listen to be if i wear it ill be kool
by pittybitch January 20, 2014
A pretty dead place that once you live here you can never leave. Less of a shithole than Thatcham, but still full of depressed drug-fuelled teens and 20 somethings that live in the Mackers down Northbrook St.

The only good thing to come out of this place is Jordan Fish, Keyboardist of BMTH and the random giraffes down the A34.
What's that Newbury, Berkshire place I've heard about? Don't go there, there's a load of rabid inbred pikeys.

Oh, there's another giraffe turned up here?!
How the heck did that Giraffe get up there?!
Griffins' - Home of the Newbury Sausage
by swozzlebottom May 5, 2020
berkshire county is a county in the uk which is near london
slough (eugh) is inside of berkshire county
by aviaguestxy November 7, 2022