Located in western Massachusetts, The berkshires are a shitty place to live. There is nothing to do for teens but to have ragers in the woods. There are trees and mountains. The kids here are bitchy because they want to leave the valley. WE ALL WANT TO GTFO

kid: where do you live?
other kid: the berkshires
other kid: i know
by Travie D July 7, 2008
Berkshire is where lads are from. It’s a place where the lads can get pissed and have an annual festival in Reading. Berkshire is also home to the mighty Ding and shit over all the teams in the EFL and have the biggest firm in the country.
P1: “Oi where do u wanna go tonight”
P2: “Lets go to Berkshire it’s the English Ibiza
by Take it easy September 28, 2019
God's own country, come on URZ
Fuck off Swindon sheep-shagger, Berkshire is civilised.
by Dibber April 19, 2005
Classiest mofing place on the planet, full of bra less druggies and cats!
by CatMonkeyLion January 6, 2012
A place where boys and girls go to attend school but mainly just spend their time destroying their brain cells due the now legalized use of marijuana in Massachusetts. Unique from other prep schools due to the fact that the students are nice, yet the girls waste their time caring about boys that are way too ferda. Surrounded by fellow stoner teachers and other faculty that just really don't care, Berkshire is the chillest boarding school out there.
"Why are all those kids walking into the dispensary?"
"They probably go to Berkshire"
by heyyyy duuudeee August 27, 2019
(v.)to stab someone with the No. 1 drafting pencil in America, the Pentel(R) Sharp™ Automatic Drafting Pencil
If you don't stop talking, I'ma berkshire your ass.
by Ice Cool November 5, 2007