An often overlooked NFL football team because of their long playoff drought of 15 years. Now, they are in the playoffs and will bring the Super Bowl title to Cincinnati before 2010.
As Chad Johnson, the Bengals wide receiver would say, "I guarantee it."
by Bengals fan January 02, 2006
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a chick that has an ugly face but a smoking body
like the football team the bengals have sweet jerseys but terrible helmets
by THE BIG BLACK COCK June 10, 2003
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when a girl has a nice body but an ugly face
(like the cincinatti bengals... "tight jerseys, fucked up helmets)
that chick looked great from behind but she turned out to be a total bengal
by Colinho October 09, 2006
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A professional football team that sucks. It's not Who Dey, it's BOO DEY! Go Steelers!
Look how crappy the Bengals are, the Steelers will beat them for sure.
by jessicaluvsu November 15, 2005
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Possibly the most overrated football team in the NFL. The Bengals faced an easy schedule with the opponents record that they beat is about 30-130.
Me: The bengals lost 4/5 games when they faced teams with winning records.
by PBNation December 13, 2005
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Similar to a Cougar, a BENGAL is a woman aged 50-59 who seeks sex from younger men. While a Cougar is the same but aged 30-49. The breakdown of women chasing younger men is like this:

18-29 = THOT (or school teacher pedophile)
30-49 = Cougar
50-59 = Bengal
60-69 = Greyhound
70+ = oh dear gawd, let us not imagine it...
Nancy was such a hoe in her 20s because she loved male attention. Now that she's 50, instead of accepting the fact that her attractive days are over, she's gone full Bengal and chases young Chads and Tyrones for the chance of being filled and thrilled once again.
via giphy
by Felonious Gru February 24, 2019
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