a sick-ass summer camp for girls who are smart, talented, and totally fabulous in lennox, massachusetts.

everyone there has the purpleitis, a serious disease affecting the color senses in your brain. numerous tests have shown that campers react 1,000,000 times more positively to purple than any other color. poor kids.

favorite activities include:

listening to a lame hippie band called david grover who sings songs about drugs and war

sprinting to the dessert window waaaaaay before the last note of the birthday song

listening to extremely unfunny jokes before we're allowed to eat

"accidentally" falling into the froggy pool

counting the steps of the enormous staircase up the "hill" (basically a mountain)

singing, acting, singing while acting, arting (includes drawing, painting, etc.), musicing (pronounced muzicking), dancing, cottaging (could mean being a cottager or sucking up to a cottager as a means of getting food), riding in golf carts (especially nancy's special puple one with the retarded bumper stickers), and various other minor activities that belvoir ladies can enjoy while at their resort-style summer camp.

not to mention those super-fun greylock socials where you can't even dance without being forced to wear a disgusting rosie o'donnell-sized purple floor-lengthed toga.
greylock boy 1: dude, were you at that belvoir terrace social last night?

greylock boy 2: yeah, it sucked, man. we were an hour late on purpose cuz those bitches aren't even allowed to grind.
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Belvoir Terrace means beautiful hills and the name of a premiere six-week residential summer camp for girls 9-16 in Lenox, Massachusetts. Food is great and girls can take classes in visual art, dance, music, theatre, musical theatre, voice, Shakespeare, opera, tennis, swimming, horseback riding, archery, and so much more. NYC actors visit and perform and Alan Menken often does camp sing-a-longs from his work. Girls attend from all over the US and the globe!
Belvoir Terrace
by GEMS May 6, 2014
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