A person who exemplifies the art of being basic, wack, and fake. On rare occasions they can also express these three traits at the same time.
Hey Dominic, why hasn’t Emma put anything in the groupchat this weekend?
I don’t know Isaiah, she’s acting like a real Belt.
by imabitacoustic September 08, 2019
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Damn!! You got a fat belt

Susan bent over and you could see her belt!

Tatiana had a hairy belt, that shit was nasty.
by biggdaddylongdick November 18, 2014
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"That guy has a long and big belt. ;)"
"Ewwww...You're belt's touching me!!!!"
"That guy's belt is mine. No one else can have it tonight."

1. Dick
2. Balls
1. The female genitalia

2. Whatever Justin Beiber has as his body part that releases waste.

Common confusions/related words
1. belt - an object used to hold up saggy pants.
by Bus02154 October 27, 2010
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Used by fathers only to beat their child for fun.

Also popularized by Travis Scott for holding his pants up with this.
Ex: SON: Ayo Dad I'm sorry I came home late
DAD: Turn around so I can whoop your ass with the belt. *starts to take off pants*
by CIGGA C April 13, 2021
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Ah, the belt.
Now, this bitch is used by your black mom. If you talk back or touch the food before dinner is ready or anything of that sort, you get the belt. Thick belt or a soft thin one. Sometimes you get lucky and she lets you choose. You better choose the rip off thin soft one. Only an idiot would choose the thick leather one. That's how you know you boutta die.

Some Hispanics or arabics or Asians get the belt to. But, Hispanics and arabics get the sandal. Asians get the wooden spoon.

Sometimes, mama gon ask your SIBLINGS to get the belt.
Fortunately for you, if your the sibling, u get to listen to ur other siblings being beaten. It sounds painful.
"Omfg bro...my sister got the belt last night."
via giphy
by Never Heard Of Sleep Before March 02, 2020
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An object used as a whip and generally can be very painful. Or if you’re weird it can be used for weird sex
Man that’s belt really hurt
by Toasterbath1257 December 10, 2020
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adjective; used to describe anything really far out and amazing, Another word for Gnarly ; an extraordinary stunt, or event.
awww that scarf is Belt as
by steeeeeezin August 11, 2010
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