A term used to describe past sexual experiences with members of different ethnic backgrounds. Different color belts are used to suggest sexual encounters with people of a particular race. However, unlike martial arts, all colors are equal in ranking and points. Let the games begin!

Having or getting your yellow belt would imply that you have, or you are about to sleep with an Asian person
(Black belt-Black people, White belt-Caucasians, Brown belt-Brown people, Blue belt-smurfs...Whatever makes you happy)

Friend#1: "Have you gotten your brown belt yet?"
Friend#2: " No, but im going on a date with this East Indian chick tomrrow and I might get lucky!"
by Poet-Tree April 07, 2009
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The weapon of the strongest gods.
Dad: Did you clean the stove?

Me: Yes, I did.

Dad:*Looks at stove*. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS STAIN?! *Whips out belt*.

by some other idiot November 17, 2020
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a weapon used by a dad to get their point clear
by og the bog August 13, 2019
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Another name for the heroic "Black Belt Jones," friend of Pop Byrd, enemy of Pinky and the Boggarts, alter ego of Jim "Enter Dragon" Kelly.
"Yo, Pop needs help - go get Belt!"
by Black Belt Jones September 15, 2003
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n.1.a completely incoherent and sudden expression. 2. a blurted phrase or word that has nothing to do with the subject on hand
v. 1.to utter something that has nothign to do with anything in the subject 2. to drop your pants in a public lockerroom.
n. the belt that henry shouted made no since at all
v. he belted in the lockerroom
by yes June 27, 2004
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