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A town based on little houses all together but individually beautiful. In the winter it is bare as fuck and all anyone does is smoke or drink. In the summer all you do is smoke and drink but at least its summer and you have an excuse =p

Bellerose is surrounded by three things=

-the highway
by Mike Zinnitii June 04, 2009
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A small middle class neighborhood. Consisted of almost every race in the world but its comes together excellent. Forming a tight community that watches over everyone. We have the famous high-class pizzeria where you can get the best food. Beats the shitty food you get from village, in floral park.

-best parties
-can get anything
-floral park kids think that Bellerose is 764 miles away and they need a freakin passport to get there
crazy nights in basements and waking up the next morning regretting everything you can remember.

-Bellerose Terrace
by lallaa June 03, 2009
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The illest place to be. The "hood". The "hangout". Many people refer to this place as the "terrorist" but thats b.s. Filled with people from every single country you can think of. People seem to underestimate this place when it actually has stuff to do here. HELLROSE DUDE
Guy 1: Yo bro lets go to the hood.
Guy 2: You mean bellerose terrace?
Guy1: Yeah man exactly!
by youpseudonym June 22, 2010
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a lower middle class neighborhood that is part of the floral park zipcode. considered to be where the poor kids live. often called "the terrace."
mikey is totally poor, didn't you know he lives in bellerose terrace?
by asdfasdfffff October 22, 2007
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