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Bel Air Middle. A Place that is now filled with fallston, south hampton, and returning bel air kids.its pretty gay. All it is is fish teachers, fallston kids thinking their the shit, south hampton hard asses, guys who think they can get any girl and their gonna get laid after the big bel air homecomming, when there in middle school, its a highschool game, and the highschool is so poor it took 60 years for them to raise enough money to build a new school, and there home comming is somewhere like edgewood. The girls think there the the shit, bringing in their cameras, taking their pictures for myspace, dressing all scene, doing their make up in the bathroom when it dosent matter because 95% of them are ugly as shit and havent had their period yet.
fallston kid: Dude all these bel air Middle kids suck because i have to run the turkry trot!

South Hampton Kid- Yeah I know. I hate How all htese kids shop at K- mart.
by Lukegoon November 09, 2007
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