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Gays who likes to announce everything in their life on social media to get people to feel sorry for them/react.

Usually exaggerated but can also be completely fictitious in order for people to respond as they don't have a life/friends.

The usual response if you ask them to stay

Typically retards that can't spell and have improper use of grammar, followed by some sort of tragic life story.

These kind of people like to constantly test their friendships to feel wanted.

Phase 1st used by the legend that is Peggy Wessex, still smiling and nodding at all the Beggy gays that cross her path ....... But she says nothing.
"You put a pic up of rickys being busy and you still get beggy gays thinking they are funny by saying it's quiet etc. We are the busiest bar on the ground floor of the yumbo. I don't work empty venues and never will. So . Keep your beggy comments to yourself. Not an empty seat in the bar!!" Peggy Wessex

"beggy gays and freeeeeeeeeee nelson mandela. copyright. the end!!!" Peggy Wessex
by Gc2016 May 25, 2016
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