a term used by wey cool people who look hip in their jimmy jams. these people have a tendency of being meanys
by wey cool dude March 16, 2007
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Someone with a sweet badunkadunk who has lots of babygays.
"Check out that Ms. Bees Knees with the badunkadunk. Bet she has a lot of babygays."
by GGGMMM August 29, 2006
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A variation on breezies or beezy. Bay area term for women. Generally reserved for stuck up girls.
Damn did you try talking to that girl? Hell no she was a bee's knees.
by Naked Man June 21, 2007
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The Bees Knees is when your dealing with the devil or doing stuff unlike wise to humans
by VVICC January 25, 2020
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This saying is used when somebody asks', whats for dinner, or any meal, usually having no clue what is actually for dinner you say it leaving the person slightly puzzled.
john: hey mum, whats for dinner, im starving ?

mum: Bees Knees and chickens fingers john, enjoy
by chrisleoh April 20, 2009
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